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Setting online course goals should be your number one priority. Establishing clear goals will help you to identify the most important content needed to build your course and will provide you with a course structure.

Ask yourself what’s the point of your course?

To create goals ask yourself:

#1 Who your ideal student is

I know I drum on about this but it’s really important to have an idea of your ideal student. Brainstorm answers to the following questions.

  • What do your students need to know or learn and what do they expect from the course?
  • Why will your students buy your course?

I’d also recommend sending a short survey to your subscriber list using a free tool such as surveymonkey.

Try to gather as much feedback as you can from potential customers. Then compare your results against your assumptions. You’ll get a more realistic idea of the situation.

#2 What motivates or drives you

Think about why you are creating your course. What’s your reason for wanting to help your students? What value are you providing? Are you selling knowledge and information or are you teaching a skill?

#3 How your course will help your student?

Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal student. What is their desired end result?

Is your course going to save them time, teach them a new skill or help them move forward?

#4 How your course supports your brand or business

Finally, think about how your course supports your overall brand and core business goals. Are your courses aligned to your business philosophy and do they reinforce your core message?

Ultimately, customers are not only buying a course but also buying an experience.

Now over to you, which methods do you use to set course goals? 

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