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You may be wondering what the heck a storyboard is? Well it’s kinda like a visual map or mock up of your entire course.

Using a storyboard helps you to plot your graphics, text, narration, transitions and interactive elements. This way, you get to build a quick and dirty version (as I like to call it) of your course. If you’re using a hosting site such as Teachable then you want have as much control over your on screen layout.

Storyboarding is a great way to visualise and arrange on screen layouts. I’ve created a handy FREE storyboard template for you to download in pdf or electronic format, no subscription needed. I love to write and sketch so I print off a few copies of the storyboard template at a time.  

Oh and in case you were wondering…this is what a storyboard layout looks like.


A few things to consider for those of you who haven’t created a storyboard before:

# 1 Placement

Where on the audience screen will you place elements such as text, instructions or graphics? How much white space should you include and if you’re unsure what white space is all about…read my earlier post on visual design.


#2 Proximity

Proximity relates to how close certain elements are grouped together. Close proximity is best for similar items or items where a relationship exists.

#3 Alignment

When considering alignment think of symmetry and balance. Or even asymmetry!

Try to counterbalance your elements, otherwise your audience can be distracted by the imbalance and your course will just look “off”.

#4 Repetition

Which elements or aspects of your course will you repeat and maintain consistently? Think of navigation buttons, layout elements or text markers. Repetitive elements helps the audience to know what to expect.

So jump in and get started with your first storyboard.

Trust me it’s a whole lot better doing it this way than diving straight into course building.

I’ve been there and done that….and it wasn’t always pretty!

I’d love to know how you plan your online courses? 

Want to learn even more? Then download my free guide to creating online courses now.


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