When is the right time to building your online course?

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So you’re thinking about creating an online course? Ok. Firstly, let’s check if you’re ready to build one?

Why, you ask?

Because online courses are hard work. They take lots of time and effort. Plus you’ll have to learn new skills and tech. 

Yeah, that’s the ugly truth!

Unless you can afford to outsource some of the work…but you’ll still need to have a pretty good idea of what’s involved.

So let’s have a look at what you need to consider before you even think about creating an online course. Because I want to spare you the mistakes that I see so many others make. I don’t want you to waste your time and I want your first course launch to be a HUGE WHOPPING success.

#1 You know your content or topic inside out

YOU knowing your content is ONE THING! 

When it comes to teaching someone else, that’s a whole new ball game! As a course creator, you become a teacher…not just an explainer of information. You need to make sure that your students understand you. You need to break things down into a simple format.

And remember that teaching online is very different to teaching to a live audience. There’s no interaction or feedback, just you in front or behind a screen.

Luckily, this is one step you can work on…practice, practice and practice some more.

#2 You have built an audience or following

Do you have loyal followers or fans ready and willing to buy your course? If not, then your first course will be that much harder to launch and sell. Many of the 6 figure bloggers/guru’s are selling to humungous lists and even then the stats say that only 2% of your list will actually buy your products.

So be prepared to HUSTLE big time.

If you don’t have an audience, you’ve got two options: Get affiliates on board or sell using Facebook or Google ads. It’s that simple really. The fempreneur, Mariah Coz preaches about the power of affiliates in her blog which is the strategy she used to sell her own online course. You can listen to her strategy on her podcast here.

But I still insist that having a subscriber list of your own, puts you in a much better position.

#3 You know your students pain points

You are in touch with your ideal student. You know their frustrations and pain points. And you know exactly what type of course they’re looking for.

You’ve validated your course topic idea and you know that there’s a tribe waiting for your product. If not,  could this be a stab in the dark? And don’t let others tell you that this doesn’t matter because it does!

 Assumptions are not enough.

#4 You know the tech tools and platforms you’ll need

You’ve done your research and you know which software tools you’ll need to design and produce your course media. And you’ve got the money to invest in these tools. Plus, you’ll need to host your course content…so that’ll be on your own website or on an external platform.

And excuse me, if you’re thinking that a bunch of PDF’s are going to cut it, think again! That is not an online course.

It’s called online learning for a reason…not online reading! 

#5 You have dedicated time to create a course

Building an online course takes time…boy, does it take time. Even a small free course takes time.

I teach a 3 step strategy to build an online course and even then it’s not something you can do overnight. There’s the planning of the course, nailing the framework and outline, then designing the brand and style, producing your course multimedia and finally uploading all your content onto a course platform.

Easy peasy right? Nah! But very possible.

If you’re already overloaded with work, clients or family…think again! Perhaps outsourcing is your answer or maybe it’s just not the right time. Get all your ducks in a row and then START.

So are you ready to start creating your online course or maybe you’ve proven me wrong? I’d love to hear your story in the comments.


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