I was born and raised in South Africa, spent my twenties in London and moved to Australia in my thirties. I create (and love) designing online courses and programs. 

After completing my degree in Organisational Psychology & Management in England, I landed my first job in finance with Thomson Reuters. I felt like I was living the (London) sex in the city dream. After seven years as a billings supervisor, I realised that I preferred training people to managing them and that I hated finance. Then the GFC hit and an opportunity to move to Australia presented itself.  

Shortly after arriving in Australia, I was hired as a junior in the Learning and Development department of a large training college. I was literally starting from the bottom up. Luckily, I was blessed with a great mentor and progressed quickly from resource developer to curriculum writer to LMS administrator and even had a short stint as an academic manager. By the time I left four years later, I had designed several online courses and programs. During my maternity leave, I successfully worked for several colleges and organisations as a freelance contractor designing curriculums and creating online courses. 

But still I craved the security of being employed and returned to full-time work when my son was 18 months old. Then in 2015, I became a single mum and I knew that things had to change. Despite it being a very hard and challenging time, it motivated me to pursue my dream of owning my own business. I wanted flexibility to be with my son whenever he needed me and financial freedom.

"I had discovered my passion for creating online courses but I felt constrained by the bureaucracy of the academic industry"


I started Course Dezine to help entrepreneurs design online courses that get their student's results, keep them engaged and create raving fans.

My solid educational and training background is what sets me apart and because of this I am able to guide you to online course success. When you work with me, you can be guaranteed that I will help you turn your content into a profitable and dynamic online course that generates amazing student completion rates.

Creating a successful online course that teaches and engages your students is an art form. You need the right skills and tools.

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